"CHICKS WITH PICKS" Group Guitar Class for Women 18+

This is a fun women only beginner guitar course that'll cover everything to get you playing and confident, whether you are a complete beginner, or someone in need of reviewing the basics. All materials provided. Usually held 2-3 times per year.

And coming soon...

"BITCHES BREW" Group Guitar Class for Advanced Women Guitarists interested in learned extended jazz chords and soloing structures.

"IRON MAIDENS" Shredding 101 for everything from surf to flamenco to punk.


I’m a full time private music instructor pursuing an MFA in Sonic Arts, a musician signed to Hardly Art (Sub Pop), and a teaching alumni of Girls Rock Camp since 2005, a school specializing in rock instrumentation for women and girls. My teaching style is positive and encouraging, often technical, and always supportive. I love to work with students in all styles and genres. I can help you realize your potential as a musician and accomplish your musical aspirations. Beginners welcome, with specialization in adults learning an instrument for the first time. Intermediate to advanced students hoping to strengthen their skills, boost confidence, refine their technique, or just to restore practice discipline are encouraged.  Fully equipped music studio available with a large library of educational resources. 

"Along with teaching me scales, music theory, guitar techniques, mastering pedals and new chords, Sara has also taught me confidence and strength. She offers inspiring advice about conquering song writing ruts, she's easy to talk to, patient, and hilariously funny. She customized lessons catering to what I was interested in learning and instilled good habits. Sara is a talented musician, courage giver, performance coach, style idol, trusted punk rock sage, and wonderful friend."-

Marisha ​


" I will never forget your flyer, that drew me to you, right away. I knew you were "my Teacher." Not verbatim, but I would love a copy if you still have one. Here goes . . . Are you tired of male guitar teachers showing you how to play an Eric Clapton riff . . . Women of all ages encouraged to call. Thank goodness I did. You helped me find, "my voice," the greatest gift anyone can be given. Thank you. Oh, and you are the best friggin' guitar teacher in the Universe!"

- Elaine

CONTACT Sara Landeau:  info@saralandeau.com


"You're the best drum teacher on earth! You made learning to read drum notation fun. And you gave me the confidence to flow from time to fills back to time. And to gig out after only playing a kit for less than 6 months! You gave me superpowers and I love you forever for all of that generosity and detailed lessons and HW. You have always inspired me so. My shero! Thank you forever! "



Learn: sight reading, rhythms, fretboard theory, song structures, fingerpicking, extensive chord theory, harmony, inversions, scales, modes, lead playing and soloing, music theory, and healthy technique.   All ages welcome.

All lessons go for 1 hour/please email for affordable current rates.


Rate: 20$ for a 2 hour session, currently held once per week for past and ongoing students.

This is a group class for women guitarists, singers, bassists, and drummers who want a chance to play with other budding musicians. Practice chops while learning songwriting, playing in a band setting, harmonizing, and basically get invaluable practice in. All different levels welcomed. Coached by Sara.


Learn: traditional match grip playing, rudiments, sight reading drum music, sticking technique, ergonomics for the drumset, songs, chart reading, fills, soloing, time keeping, tempo, dynamics, key signatures, accents and healthy technique. All ages welcome.

All lessons go for 1 hour/please email for current rates.